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There are artists who make beautiful objects for the sake of beauty, but I'm not one of them. I focus on the process of making light, movement, shape, color, and design expose what is concealed. 

Humor finds its way into many of my pieces, as do warmth, curiosity, and a sharp awareness of the human condition. I endeavor to create subjective spaces where my viewers and I meet.

My work is often ephemeral, existing only in a particular space, time and social/cultural context. And for the record, without beauty, life would indeed be dull.

Bruce Hanson holds an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He lives on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Nivarra is a response to the abject failure of the so-called "war on drugs" which, in practice, has been a tool to separate and marginalize political opponents. It's the first part of a body of work related to substance use disorders and recovery, along with the legal and social structures surrounding these issues.
Below is documentation from selected video projections by Projectorguy, my occasional alter ego.
Downtown Langley, Washington
Video projections in Downtown Langley. You might notice my peculiar obsession.

"They're Watching Us" - November 2021 to January 2022

Three Experiments - November 20, 2021

Langley Art Walk - November 6, 2021

Halloween 2021
Each of our garage doors have eight small windows and I placed video clips in each one. The trick or treaters liked it but it was the fathers who asked questions. Projectorguy does not reveal his secrets easily, he simply said "its magic."
The Doghouse
Every dog needs a house. This is my family's dog, Utah, who once needed a house and found his way to ours. Please consider letting a dog find your house, you won't regret it!
Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
A projection on the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts building located in Langley, WA.
Bellevue Art Museum I
Who defines the culture of a place?
Bellevue Art Museum II
Co-opt or be co-opted.
Vermont State House
This guerilla-style video projection was part of my MFA Graduation Show at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, VT.
Newport Hills
I lived for many years in a suburb of Seattle that had an old strip mall that dated back to the 1960s. It was showing its age, especially when the Red Apple Market closed its doors. I did a number of video projections on the buildings in an attempt to stimulate the imaginations of my neighbors and to help us forge a new neighborhood core. 
The chaos of 2020.

Passage (1:29)

Static of the Union (2:54)

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